Original Single Speed

The bike that started it all.
A reliably smooth and low-maintenance ride at amazing value.

Comfortable geometry – Flip-flop hub – “Best value urban bike”

Original Single Speed and Fixie Bikes

It all started with the Original Single Speed. Simple and incredibly fun to ride, it’s been our top seller since we first established ourselves in 2012. Famed as the “Best Value Urban Bike” on the market having won group test after group test, we’ve continually tweaked, changed and upgraded the model to stay ahead of the game. We’re confident that, for the price, you will not find a better spec’d single speed or fixie on the market.

Drop the gears, drop the hassle. Single speed or fixed riding is the purest form of cycling. You stop searching for the optimum gear, accept that you’ve only got the one ratio and enjoy the ride. The flip-flop rear hub comes with a freewheel on one side and a fixed gear on the other. So, by spinning the rear wheel around you can ride “fixie”, locking your feet in motion with the rear wheel and connecting you even more with the bike. It’s brave, but incredibly fun.

We’ve played around with gear ratios for a long time and have found a set up that both we and our customers feel is the perfect middle ground – fast on the flats but capable of decent gradients, too. Can you get away with single speed? Our answer is this: if you think you need gears then you will be fine on the Original Single Speed. Only if you know you need gears do you actually need gears. So for the campus dash, the pub run, the work commute, the cruise by the beach, or whatever, the Original Single Speed offers you fun that you’ll fall in love with.

Custom Single Speed – Behind the scenes

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