Point AR

For the open road or the broken road.

 Robust disc brakes – Carbon fork – Clearance for 45c tyres

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Point AR blends speed and agility on the road with curb-climbing robustness off the road. And it also happens to be damn good looking, too.

We wanted a bike that we could ride for ten miles on the road before bouncing off road, going cross country to the pub, before taking the long route home on the tarmac again. So, with wider tyres, disc brakes and a more-upright riding position, Point AR delivers this capability.

This hybrid road bike we’ve created is the bike you probably want; you just didn’t realise. It then depends how aggressively you wish to ride as to what tyres and kit you want to spec. Capable of full mudguards, racking and 45mm tyres it’s totally at home on the urban commute too.

Hitachi Revo KTM Rider James Dunn

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