Point R

Confidence inspiring road bike.

Carbon fork – Rack mounts – “Bargain bike of the year”

Point R

Confidence inspiring.

Point R is capable of sprints, climbs, rapid descents and head-down slogs. But, because of the all-day geometry, it’s comfortable and forgiving. And with a variety of spec options and upgrades it caters for all abilities and ambitions.

Point R’s design brief was to incorporate as many high-end features at an affordable and entry level price point. It’s testament to our team and ambition that in its first year, Point R was a finalist in’s “Budget Road Bike of the Year” and “Commuter Bike of the Year” awards.

Because of who we are and what we believe, we spend as much time as possible nailing every bike we make. That’s why Point R features a carbon fork, seamless welds, progressive, new school geometry, tapered headtube, custom-butted tubing, internal cable routing and full mudguard and rack compatibility, all at a price point that cannot be beaten.

Introducing Point R

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