• First Ride Checks

    Before your first ride, there are few important checks that you should carry out. These ensure that your bike is safe to ride, will perform as it should, and make sure that you’re not voiding the warranty.   Does it look right? This first point is a bit more serious than it sounds. All of the [...] Continue Reading
  • Quick Fix: Gear Tuning Part 1

    Adjusting your gears isn’t as tricky as you might think. Sure, there’s some technical terminology, but bear with us… it will make sense. GLOSSARY Chainring: These are the front gears, that are connected to the crank Cassette: The cassette is the block of gears at the back, attached to the rear wheel Chain: Duh Derailleur: [...] Continue Reading
  • EasyRide Box

    At the end of the  summer we set about creating a new bike box. The brief was simple: GIVE THE CUSTOMER AS LITTLE ASSMEBLY WORK AS POSSIBLE After throwing a few ideas around and a couple of consultations with packaging specialists, we created our first prototype. As soon as it arrived we went to town on testing […]

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  • Meet the team – George

    Officially he’s Warehouse + Production Manager. Unofficially he’s team comedian. G started with us as a bike builder not long after the business started. He was part of the original crew before he flew off the Oz for a year. There he “found himself” and quickly found his way back to us.   Q. Favourite food? A. A big […]

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  • Meet the Team – Ben

    I wanted the world to meet our small team so I’m going to be introducing one of the crew every week or so. But, I’ve been told I’m first on the list and I find it weird to write about myself. So I’ve asked the team to ask me some questions with a few simple instructions: Ask anything Anything asked […]

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  • Joel Garden is the Competition Winner!

      Congratulations to Joel Garden the winner of last week’s Custom Single Speed competition. He’s a lucky devil isn’t he… Joel remember to share your design using #mangobikes Design your own fixie with our custom bike builder

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  • Limited Edition 16 Speed – Oxwich

    Just up the coast from Langland Bay you’ll find our next special, the Oxwich 16 speed. That same polished finish look but with the Shimano 16 speed drivetrain to assist your city riding. A classic looking city bike with the Mango Bikes signature style. Designed for stylish yet practical riding. Oxwich features guard and rack […]

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  • Limited Edition Single Speed – Langland

    Today we’re launching a long anticipated model.  A limited run of polished kit Single Speeds: Langland. Not jumping on the band wagon, we have taken our time with this style. Simply replicating a look isn’t our way. We have tinkered and tested the polished silver look and are so excited to launch this limited run. […]

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  • Battling the exchange rate

    Friends and followers, Our prices have gone up. Not by much, but by as much as we need them to. By designing, assembling and selling in house we make significant cost savings and since day one our aim has been to pass on as much of this saving to you. From June we’ve seen the […]

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  • Point AR 105 – Tune Up

    This week Point AR that takes the lime light. A rightful tune up for the revered adventure bike. Along with it’s sister model the Point R, Point AR has been upgraded to full 105. This is shocking news for its competitors as the model has consistently out  performing the competition. Reviewed best in test by Grit […]

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