• Rory Kemper – LIVE Transcontinental Updates

    Click here to view Rory's progress live on the map The Transcontinental Race 4 is an unsupported solo bike race starting in Belgium and finishing in Turkey covering 2600 miles. You can follow Rory's live social updates below, or click the link above to view him live on the map! If you'd like to learn [...] Continue Reading
  • How To Pop On Those Pedals

    So you’ve just got your new Mango bike or decided to upgrade the pedals, maybe it's even the case that you're building a bike from scratch, therefore you are going to need to know how to fit the pedals correctly. For some reason pedals seem to be the place where a lot of people go wrong, which can cause some costly [...] Continue Reading
  • Mango Bikes Transcontinental Rider-The Interview

    Rory Kemper our “Bearded Wonder” - The Interview As much of you will have noticed over the last 8-10 months we have been supporting and collaborating with a good mix of athletes and customers. Perhaps our most familiar of which is Rory Kemper, our “Bearded Wonder”. Rory came to us as a long standing Mango customer [...] Continue Reading
  • After work lake jumps!

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  • Tour de France Explained

    Last weekend marked the start of the 103rd edition of the Tour de France. This spartan sporting event lasts 3 weeks through to the 24th of July.. Whilst there are no Mango Bikes “officially” racing in Le Tour this year (more on that later) we are excited to bring you our Tour de France guide [...] Continue Reading
  • How to assemble a Mango Bike

    Assembling a Mango Bike is easier than you think. We've been around for a while now, over four years in fact, but buying a bike online is still a very new process to a lot of people. One concern that we hear is "I've never built a bike, I'm not sure I'll be able to do this!"—well we're [...] Continue Reading
  • 2016 MR PORTER London Nocturne

    Chris Lawless and Alice Barnes win the 2016 MR PORTER London Nocturne, with Alec Briggs leading the Mango Bikes Criterium. The weekend may be over but we're still on a high after attending the 10th annual MR PORTER London Nocturne event. There were 9 races overall which, for anyone that hasn't attended a London Nocturne, include some fantastically entertaining laps. These [...] Continue Reading
  • Mango Bikes Showroom Point Blank Showroom now open

    Our flagship showroom is now open!   Monday–Friday 9am–5.30pm Saturday–Sunday by appointment   Continue Reading
  • Introducing Point AR Introducing Point AR

    Our brand new Point AR model opens up new trails and new fun for you. Designed to cover everything from potholed city tarmac, rough country roads, canal paths and short cuts through the woods, the Point AR and FR copes brilliantly with everything and leaves you to enjoy the ride more than ever before. An all-road, [...] Continue Reading
  • Poole 2 Prague Finish Poole 2 Prague For Under £430

    Words from Pete Gordon, Mango Bikes Marketing Manager and P2P Rider. Around 2 weeks ago me and my uni friend Sam slammed on our brakes having just rolled over our finish line - the Charles Bridge in Prague.  An immensely satisfying feeling given 4 days prior I personally doubted our ability and feared for the [...] Continue Reading