Our Story

Mango Bikes was born from a passion to inspire a new generation of cyclists, offering exceptional bikes at an accessible price.



We were founded by students Ben and Jezz, university housemates who shared a love for cycling, an interest in revolutionary brands and a passion to create something that challenged the status quo.

We were born out of an obvious disconnect between the big bike companies and their customers. The old-school methods of manufacturer to distributor to retailer to end-user leave a huge void between the brand and their actual product buyers. We wanted to work with our customers, learn what they desired and create products that truly cater for the market.

We design all of our products in house. We choose exactly which parts we want to put on the products and have formed relationships with the biggest component companies in the world. We spray frames in-house in the UK and we assemble every product to order. We’re a designer, a manufacturer and a retailer under one roof. The benefit is that the feedback we get from you goes directly in to improving our product and service. The guy or girl you speak to on the phone is sat next to the design team, just upstairs from our assembly team. The other benefit of doing so much ourselves is our pricing is incredibly good.

We started the brand on an idea or two, and some cash scraped together from our friends and family. Three and a half years later our products have won awards for their design, function and value. We’ve been put up against the big boys who’ve been in the game a lot longer than we have, and we’ve come out on top. We’re incredibly proud of this. But we’re still less than fifteen staff in size, we’re still learning and we still make mistakes. We’re still the little guy.

Of course, we want to grow and we want to be bigger and better than we are, and below are the reasons why. But we have to keep that little guy personality because it keeps us striving for improvement…

Our Purpose

We exist to inspire a new generation of cyclists, engaging them with beautifully designed bikes. To create a brand that is admired by customers and respected by our team and other companies alike.

Our Promise

We promise to make cycling more accessible by offering beautifully designed bikes that are refreshingly inexpensive and a joy to ride, all with a fantastic customer experience.